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  • Made from natural, sustainable, and biodegradable material - sustainably-harvested hemp.
  • Contains nontoxic materials.
  • Not made from animal skin, like leather or suede from pigs, cows, snakes, crocodiles, or any other living animal that will suffer. 
  • Does not contain any petroleum-based plastic.
  • Made by a brand that takes wise efforts to decrease their environmental footprint, thereby providing a fair and safe working conditions for all of our workers.


We make all efforts to display our products on the OG online store as uniquely as possible. But, due to color variability and dependence on the monitor display settings, along with the limitations with digital photography, we sometimes cannot assure you that the shade you see on the screen matches the perfect color of the product. Are you looking for natural iPad case cover online hemp to buy? OG is your place!